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Universal force measurement device – attach to cable or harness for practical logging

870 ex VAT

(Physiotherapists must pay VAT (moms) in Denmark)

Available on backorder


CableMate is a versatile device that allows you to measure the force output of many different muscle groups. Simply attach the device to any carabiner or hook and you’re ready to go! It works perfectly for isometric measurements, but you can also attach it to a cable machine in your gym and get deeper insights into your force development throughout the whole range of motion.

CableMate provide you with objective data that can help you improve your performance. You can use CableMate to analyze your strengths and weaknesses, compare yourself with others, and identify areas for improvement. CableMate help you make informed decisions and achieve your goals.

CableMate benefits

Bluetooth or USB

CableMate has both BLE and USB connections. Measure wirelessly with up to 8 hours battery life.

One-time purchase

We believe that if you buy some hardware, it should work forever. That’s why we don’t have any recurring costs.

Data integrety

Even if you use our Cloud, all stored data will still belong to you, and you can always extract it (including raw data).


Because we believe in our products, we always offer a 1 year warranty. See Trading Conditions

Technical Features

Sample rate:

50 Hz (Bluetooth)
960 Hz (USB-C)

Max load:

200 kg


PC with Windows or MacOS


0.8 kg


0.15 Newton


In use: ~8 hours
Charge time: ~1 hour



1 CableMate


Required USB-C cable


Free desktop + cloud software for measuring/analysing data

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