Ground Reaction Force measurements with force plates: The Ultimate Metric for Explosive Excersises.



Optimize Your Training with Real-Time Feedback

Force plates measure the amount and direction of force that you apply to the ground during any movement. By using force plates, you can get instant feedback on your power, speed, balance, and technique. You can also monitor your progress and adjust your training accordingly. Force plates help you train smarter and faster, and avoid injuries and overtraining.

Enhance Your Performance with Data-Driven Insights

Force plates provide you with objective data that can help you improve your performance. You can use force plates to analyze your strengths and weaknesses, compare yourself with others, and identify areas for improvement. Force plates help you make informed decisions and achieve your goals.

  • Free basic software
  • Max 1000 kg of force per plate
  • Plug-and-play
  • Up to 1000 hz sample rate


  • All required cables
  • 2 force plates
  • Free desktop software for measuring + analysing data
  • Transport case with wheels


Example of analysis of a single Counter-Movement Jump :