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CC Athletics uses sports tech and force measurement equipment to help sports clubs like FC Nordsjælland and athletes achieve their goals and avoid injuries – reach out today and see if we are a match

Our sports tech products and software are developed in-house in Denmark

Sports Tech innovation for performance enhancement

Valuable R&D partnership – Innovating Sports Tech together

FC Nordsjælland, a Danish club with a youth academy established in 2006, partners with us as their official R&D partners to utilize the latest technology and evidence-based knowledge in player development and education. The club’s goal is to groom players to reach the Superliga level within the club – to reach this goal FC Nordsjælland is using the newest innovations in sports tech.


The GroinMate Force Measurement device - Sports tech for groin injury prevention

Our high performance GroinMate device measures groin strength and was developed in partnership with FC Nordsjælland. Its ease of use, responsiveness, and affordable price point earned us the role of official R&D partner with FC Nordsjælland, who uses the GroinMate on hundreds of athletes weekly.
ForceMate sports tech software UI
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ForceMate - Powerful data collection tool for our sports tech products

Experience the efficiency and accuracy of our software with a quick tour. Our cutting-edge technology captures, analyzes, and saves critical force data, providing the insights you need to optimize performance. Discover how our software can help you and your team monitor strength progression and make data-driven decisions. Get a taste of the future of performance monitoring with a tour of our innovative software today. To make you experience with our sports tech products, our ForceMate software will be compatible with all our devices.

Official R&D sports tech partner with FC Nord­sjælland

FC Nordsjælland established its youth academy in 2006 with a focus on player development and education. The club has excelled in U17 and U19 leagues and has produced players for top leagues and national teams. It also has a top-performing women’s football team. FC Nordsjælland was named #1 in Denmark for talent development by the Danish Football Association in 2017. The club prioritizes technical skills like first touch, dribbling, passing, finishing, and running and aims to groom players from their own academy. The ultimate goal is to develop players in a safe environment to reach Superliga level within the club.

FC Nordsjælland employs hi-tech tools, like the GroinMate device and ForceMate software, to monitor athlete strength and prevent injuries through data-driven decisions. Additionally in the coming years, CC Athletics will be developing and testing more technology in close collaboration with FC Nordsjælland – stay tuned for this exciting journey.

Ready to take your club’s talent development to the next level? Discover the benefits of using the GroinMate device with ForceMate software. Contact us today and let’s start your optimization journey together!

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Maximize your athletic potential with the cutting-edge technology from ForceMate. With our advanced force measurement technology and the high-performance GroinMate device, you can monitor your strength progression and improve your athletic performance like never before. Join the ranks of professional sports clubs like FC Nordsjælland who trust us as their official R&D partner and rely on us to enhance the performance of hundreds of athletes each week. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your performance to the next level. Contact us today for a quick tour of our innovative software and start measuring your success with ForceMate.