Embedded software freelancing by Claes C. Jakobsen

Claes is the founder of CC Embed and is a full-time freelancer in embedded software & app development. Here you can read about his skills and see if he’s suits your next project.

Claes specializes in embedded software, mainly for ARM-based microcontrollers.
He has a background in health & exercise technology but applies his skills in other areas as well.
With his interdisciplinary knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit, Claes helps companies develop innovative technology.


Languages and frameworks:
C and C++, Swift, Flutter, ROS, Git, 

Embedded skills:
Bare-metal, FreeRTOS,  DMA, Digital Signal Processing, emWin, resistive touchscreens, Gyroscopes, accelerometers & sensorfusion, TOF, BLDC & step motors, US.

Communication protocols:
I2C, SPI, UART, USB OTG, Modbus, LoRa, BT Classic, BLE, RS232, RS485, CAN

All STM32 F & L -series.
AVR ATmega series

Programs & IDE’s:
Eclipse, STM32CubeIDE, Matlab, QtCreator, Visual Studio Code, Arduino IDE, Solidwork, Arduino IDE, XCode

OS experience:
Ubuntu, Windows, Embedded Linux, MacOS

Firebase, Node.js, Stripe SDK, WatchOS


MSc. engineering | Health & Welfare Technology (2012-17) (University of Southern Denmark)
Examples of courses:

  • Statistical Machine Learning + Artificial Neural Networks
  • Human-robotic Interaction
  • Medical Devices & Imaging’
  • Biostatistics
  • Control theory & signal processing
  • Project management
  • Psychology & User Interaction Theory
  • Work & Exercise Physiology

Languages spoken:

Danish (5/5)
English (5/5)
German (2/5)

Work experience:

Airwallet (01/2021 -> 11/2021)

Full-time position, fintech industry. Developing a new iOS native app for accepting mobile payments in laundries. They had an app in Xamarin that needed to be rebuilt to native platforms to get better Bluetooth LE performance to their embedded device.

Working in a Scrum team with 3 other developers.

Tools used: Swift, Firebase, Rest API, BLE, Stripe SDK.

MyEpi (03/2021 -> ongoing)
Co-founder / CTO

Together with a business partner I created an app for the Apple Watch that detects epileptic seizures to alert emergency contacts.

I have developed the app myself using: Swift, Flutter and Firebase (Node.js). The detection algorithm was developed using DSP methods & Apple’s Accelerate library.

Tools used: Swift, WatchOS, Flutter, Firebase.


CC Embed – founder & CEO (05/2019 -> ongoing)

Tools used: STM32, FreeRTOS, DMA, TFT/touchscreen drivers, Matlab, IMU’s, SolidWorks, BLE, LoRa, Git

University research assistant (08/2017 -> 02/2020)

  • Daily leader of rehab programme with close patient contact
  • Co-create innovative ROS-based exercise technology platform, for control of equipment and logging of biosensors, video etc.
  • Other work: Blood flow restriction training, velocity loss for resistance training, ROS enabled fitness monitoring.

Tools used: ROS, Arduino, STM32, control theory, Brushless DC motor control, C++, Qt, Matlab, Gitlab

Freelance experience:

Biovice Systems (Sep. 2020 -> Oct 2020)
  Develop the world’s fastest PCR machine; reducing a Covid-19 test from 4h->10min.
What I did: Develop firmware for their prototype from scratch. 4 different MCU’s interconnected, with servo motors, valves and sensors.
Tools used: STM32, pneumatics, Modbus, UART, SPI, Git, Jira

Grundfos (03/2020 -> 08/2020)
Assignment: Develop new sensor product in collaboration with senior freelancer. Project was stopped before launch
What I did: Convert Matlab code to C firmware. Firmware development.
Tools used: STM32, Modbus, FreeRTOS, DMA, Matlab, USB OTG, CMSIS DSP library, FIR&IIR filters, UART, SPI, Git

Kubo Robotics (02/2020 -> 05/2020)
Reduced movement accuracy of robot, when driving around.
What I did: Reduce robot error by 900% in under a week, by re-calibrating gyro and implementing accelerometer sensor fusion. Two other embedded freelancers failed to do so before me.
Tools used: Sensorfusion, STM32, Git

Unicontrol (09/2019 -> 10/2019)
Assignment: Improve excisting excavator guidance system in a fast-paced startup.

Tools used: Embedded Linux, C++, IMU’s, IMU calibration, Sensorfusion, forward kinematics, Git

Particle3D (09/2018 -> 04/2019) (3D-prints human bones for implants)
  Convert a traditional 3D printer into using air pressure instead of stepper motors, to extrude liquid bone filament.
What I did: Designed simple PCB and software to control a pump/valve system, with buttons and LCD display for online pressure adjustment.
Tools used: Eagle, Arduino, 24V pump/valves, OLED display, UART, SPI, I2C

Online courses completed (paid & with certificate)


  • Microcontroller Embedded C Programming: absolute beginners
  • Mastering MCU’s: with Embedded Driver Development
  • Mastering RTOS: Hands-on FreeRTOS and STM32Fx
  • ARM Cortex M MCU DMA Programming Demystified
  • STM32Fx Microcontroller Custom Bootloader Development
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) From Ground Up

Personal life:

Facts: 31 years old. Grew up in Aarup, DK. Lived in Odense, DK for 11 years.

Interests: Basketball, weight training, listening to audiobooks.
I have a passion for exercise technology,  health technology and in general tech that helps people.