To become a better shooter it is important to track progress over time. Systems to automatically track percentages are often impractical and expensive. They either require external sensors on the rim or a camera setup, which can be impractical to set up each time. The device simplifies this, by allowing the user to be the sensor, telling the sensor whether the ball has gone in or not through a simple gesture.

How to use:
Start your shooting session by selecting which shot type you are practicing (2P, 3P or Free Throws).  Each time you shoot, log a make by turning your wrist inwards or a miss by turning it outwards.

Intended use
The device is not intended for use during games. Altough possible, the sensor is likely to pick up some random movements as gestures.
The intended use is for basketball shooting sessions, where the shooter is stationary or only moving/dribbling from spot to spot. Under these conditions, the sensor can be very accurate.

Normally, it only takes around10 shots for a first-time user to become familiar with the device.