Sports related projects

Through its combined expertise in software, electronics & exercise physiology; CC Athletics has done exciting projects with clients. 
If you have an exciting project that you want a prototype for, and need to make a final product, feel free to contact us! We will help make your dream come true!

Hamstring + groin force measurement platforms

Together with FC Nordsjælland, CC Athletics has developed 2 platforms to log force on athletes:
1. Hamstring strength platform
2. Groin strength platform

These tools are great for assessing the strength of your athletes.


  • 20-1000 Hz selectable sample rate
  • 120 kg max in each leg
  • Lightweight & practical
  • Simple but powerful user interface


An Apple Watch app that logs made/missed shots during basketball practice, using gestures.

Invented and developed by ourselves.
Visit for more info!


A project in collaboration with Sebastian Skejø (PhD student at Aarhus University) for detecting shoulder load during throwing sports to allow better load-managment by physiotherapists.

The outcome was an article published “Sports Biomechanics”:

Other projects

We have also done other non sport-related projects for clients.
They still find them interesting despite not being related to sports 🙂

IOT sensor for wood moisture

Woodsense (formerly BeResourceful) (09/2019 -> 04/2020)
(Develops IOT sensors for buildings to monitor and prevent structural damages)

  • Developed their first IOT product for monitoring moisture in wooden structures for the construction industry.
  • 10+ years battery life (coin-cell type)
  • 400m+ wireless range (LoRa)

Sound greeting card - featured in the Danish "Shark Tank" TV show!

Unmute (Startup that produces sound greeting cards).

  • Developed custom PCB solution, sourcing components from China, reaching a production price of $2.3.
  • Uses lithium battery, mp3 decoder chip and 2MB flash storage. New .mp3 files can be uploaded via USB. No firmware needed, as mp3 decoder does all the required digital work.
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